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  - Subcontractor Friendly
  - Reduce Cycle Time
  - Complete Installation Package
  - Engineered for Local Building Code
  - Easy to Custom Configure
  - Laser straight / Square / Level
  - Factory Process Controlled
  - Built in Floor Joist Ledge
  - Reduced Framing Cost
  - Reduced Insulation Cost
  - Efficient Heating and Cooling






  Below are pictures of the assembling process.
  Step 1-Wall panels stand on a full footing. It is easier to achieve a flat floor, when working beyond the edge.
Step 2-Panels are delivered by
custom made trailers.
  Step 1   Step 2
  Step 3-Panels are set on shim paks for accurate level, then pushed against stop blocks for an accurate square.
Adjustable braces insure
accurate plumb.
Step 4-Straight square and plumb, with a built in floor joist ledge.
Framers love our system.
  Step 3   Step 4
  The engineering details are what make the precast basements so perfect for Arizona homes.
  Detail 1-Windows are installed from the interior, against a 3/4" concrete window stop. Simple and easily caulked,
for a weather tight seal.
Detail 2-Ready for Drywall and Wiring.
Drywall screws directly to sheet metal studs. Each stud has a conduit sleeve for wiring -
No Drilling- No Interior Framing -
No Additional Insulation Required.
  Detail 1   Detail 2
  Detail 3-Floor Truss Seat: Stem wall height is designed to match the builder truss and flooring system. Works with 12"-16"-20" trusses. 9'-0" Finished Ceiling.
Detail 4-Self consolidating concrete. The 7,000 psi concrete mix design make a 2" slump....then chemicals are added causing a 28" spread. Flowable concrete, with
high early strength.
  Detail 3 To watch a video of the installation process: click below. Detail 4
Download a 90 Sec. Time Lapse Video of the
4.5 hour Installation Process: High Resolution (63MB)
Depending on what type of computer you have, this may take awhile.
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